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Clarity Partners is an independent sales and business development agency with a mission to connect innovative fintech solution providers with financial institutions looking for performance “edge”.  We work with 6 investment technology companies/ 7 brands who provide some of the essential tools that investment managers need to succeed in this digital age.  The core themes of our business are Data Usability and Digital Platforms.  

These days Big Data is in abundance; in fact if we're honest there is now almost too much to be use-able.  The key to performance is how well data is used and turned into an actionable edge. Our clients help do this.  The tide has turned and the data economy can no longer be ignored or approached half-heartedly.  It’s now more painful to do nothing - the cost is being left behind.

Our clients have established track records as both enablers and disruptors who allow their users to make the most of the innovations and opportunities provided by the digital revolution.

In tune with our mission to bring new business models to the finance industry we are also set up as such - we work remotely but see clients and prospects often and benefit only from successful implementations of their products.


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