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C8 Technologies is an ecosystem in which asset owners retain ultimate control and transparency of their capital and investment process at lower cost by accessing the trading strategies, portfolios and ideas of leading investment management institutions to be traded and rebalanced in-house through their own systems and brokers in their own account.

ExtractAlpha provides unique and rigorously researched institutional quality trading signals and stock selection models from alternative data sources.  Top global quant fund client base.

Ironfly Technologies offers a modular and customisable front-office trading system (OMS/EMS) with a powerful data visualisation front-end that allows users to aggregate and analyse real-time and historic data for improved investment decision speed and risk control via management-by-exception reporting. The team works closely with hedge funds in APAC that trade across more than 150 exchanges worldwide.

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MDX Technology is the market leading provider of highly flexible, data connectivity, collaboration and distribution solutions ensuring all our users get the data they need, where and when they need  it - on time, every time! These unique offerings were created to enhance, and fully support, the data  distribution needs of both Sell and Buy side financial institutions, Trading Venues, Inter Dealer Brokers and Commodities and Energy firms. Developed by the industry’s leading experts in this field, are in daily use within some of the world’s premier trading institutions.  MDX Technology is privately owned. The company is headquartered in London, with sales and customer support representation in all the major financial centres, either directly or via our trusted  international partner network.

IOWArocks is the global online data marketplace providing a one stop venue for market, reference and alternative data. It enables a growing and diverse range of content creators to seamlessly connect with a global audience of content consumers. Underpinned by proven technology from MDX Technology, the new marketplace is open for business 24/7. The firm is headquartered in London. 

Edgefolio is a fund information platform bringing digital solutions to analog problems.  They offer a powerful Investment Fund platform fully integrated research, compliance and advisory workflows for traditional and alternative investments managers. Edgefolio provides over 150,000 investment funds on the MorningStar Direct database. 

EFADRIN is our buy-side SaaS platform. It sits at the heart of its customers’ front and middle office operations. It integrates directly with prime broker collecting trade and custody data and help you reconcile it to your fund administrator on a daily or, more often, monthly basis. This reconciled trade data allows us to provide a shadow PMS from which we can help you track your ideas and target prices, analyze your performance, manage your risk better, and optimize your portfolio for enhanced performance.

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